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The Management decided to engage Stagetec Asia services continuously as we are confident that they are able to provide an excellent level of services through their dedicated marketing and technical teams.  On top of that we are satisfied and impressed with the reliability of all equipment supplied by Stagetec Asia.  An effortless radio system workflow would enhance operational efficiency greatly, definitely yield a favourable outcome for the company in the long run. We would like to thank Stagetec Asia team for delivering all three projects on time to our expectations with good pricing and great services. 

Madam Rita Sim

CEO of Cense Media Sdn Bhd

We truly enjoyed the learning sessions. The trainers were very helpful in guiding us. In time and with more experience, we hope to be more confident in handling the intricate technology. We are also looking forward to continued collaborations, and an extension of the training with Stagetec Asia, focussing more on radio studio applications for more students and staff in the near future. Thank you Stagetec!

Dr. Zurahani

IIUM Pagoh

Stagetec provided us with the confidence in ensuring that our demands were met in all counts. As we are an independent radio station without big budgets, we had to work doubly hard to be certain that we were getting the right equipment, the right service and most importantly, at the right price!”


BFM 89.9 fm

 STAGETEC ASIA SDN BHD (formally known as Salzbrenner Stagetec Mediagroup Sdn Bhd)

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