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Brands Involve:Stage Tec Aurus & NexusClients:Ark of Christ ChurchCountry :IndonesiaApplication:Church, WorshipYear :2019Product :2019_05_StageTec_Asia_ark_church_

AURUS and NEXUS by Stage Tec for the Ark of Christ Church in Indonesia

Stagetec Asia completes first project in the region with 32-fader AURUS and NEXUS network with router and two Base Devices.

Stagetec Asia, the Malaysian subsidiary of the Berlin-based manufacturer Stage Tec, has completed its first project in Indonesia. A 32-fader AURUS and a NEXUS network with router and two Base Devices were installed in the Christian community Ark of Christ Church.

The Ark of Christ Church (AoC) is very large and serves a community with up to 3500 believers. This requires a good audio system. Especially since the AoC not only uses its premises for church services and its own events, but also offers them to other churches and organizations as venues. “AoC wanted to have the best audio system to provide the best possible audio experience for visitors to all events,” explains Yohan Febrian, audio consultant at AoC.

The decision was made in favor of a Stage Tec AURUS-NEXUS system. One criterion was that the console should be easy to configure. Another was that it should offer a broad range of features and functions for a wide range of applications.

“Stage Tec’s AURUS is a unique console. Despite its extensive functionality, it is ready for immediate use and is very user-friendly, even for inexperienced users. We couldn’t find a comparable console here in Indonesia,” explains Febrian.

With several thousand visitors to the church services, theatre and music performances, it was important to the Ark of Christ Church that the audience should have the best sound experience and that details could be heard clearly.

“The acoustic equipment in our building already guaranteed very good sound reinforcement. But we were not satisfied with the noise level. But the audio quality of the AURUS NEXUS system, with its large dynamic range, gives us a stable and robust sound,” says Febrian. “The sound experience at church services has improved noticeably. Even though all seats in the large hall are occupied, every believer can now hear speech and music clearly and distinctly.

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