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RTM Auditorium Perdana implements AoIP

MALAYSIA: The auditorium at the heart of Angkasapuri, the headquarters of Radio Television of Malaysia (RTM) in Kuala Lumpur, is where most of the station’s local live shows and musical performances are televised across the nation. In order to cope with the changes and to excel in the future, the facility has enabled AoIP to further digitise the auditorium and turn it into a state-of-the-art facility.

Mohd Edi Azhar with the Crescendo console from Stage Tec

Stagetec Asia was commissioned to address the expansion of the audio network and to deploy an infrastructure using the industry-standard Dante/AES67 protocol. The key goal for the expansion was to provide an open-source interface that allows a plug-and-play ecosystem for external equipment and shortens installation time. The expansion allows all audio-related infrastructure, including intercom systems and stage monitoring systems, to co-exist, interconnected via Stage Tec’s Nexus Router.

The Dante/AES67 solution provides the auditorium with digital fidelity, low latency and uncompressed audio channels over a standard Ethernet network. The upgrade also includes expansion of foldback audio monitoring and show relay systems over the Stage Tec Nexus network.

“Stage Tec’s Dante interfaces paired together with the Nexus audio routing system have provided the auditorium with the higher bandwidth, flexibility and scalability of audio router capacity by a simple addition of modular processing modules like XDIP, XRI and XFOC into the current Nexus routers,” proclaimed Leong Tong Sing, technical engineer at Stagetec Asia Sdn Bhd.

TM’s audio engineer, Munir Asyraf, added: “Cost-effectiveness is one of the promising factors provided by the Dante AoIP solution, especially for such a large-scale venue like Auditorium Perdana. Being able to leverage on a multi-point audio network at an economical rate allows RTM to manage effectively in the long run, ready for world-class live and musical events in the future.”

Auditorium Perdana has been the birthplace of many local artists through a variety of live shows, one of which was RTM’s 75th anniversary. With the upgrade, the auditorium will continue to provide more entertainment value to the Malaysian market, both domestically and abroad, in the years to come.

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